The Who, What & Why of the Tiny House Movement

Lisa Van Dore, Realtor at Landmark Residential

For starters…what is the “tiny house movement?” A “tiny house” is generally anything between 100 and 400 square feet.  As in the entire “house.”  Bedrooms in a “normal” house are often bigger than 100 square feet and master bedroom suites can easily run to 400 square feet.   In fact, most building codes require that no room be smaller than 70 square feet and at least one room be at least 120 square feet…which is why the tiny house movement resorted to trailer beds.  In order to circumvent building codes many tiny houses are built on trailer beds, making them mobile…and therefore, in theory anyway, not subject to building codes.  But a trailer bed (and mobility) restricts the size of any such house to no wider than 8 ½ feet, no longer than 18 feet and no higher than about 13 ½ feet (think bridge overpasses).  If you do the math…

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What A Crazy Journey!

The magnitude of my potential is being realized, and this is how it is being done.

There is a voice in my head now that tells me I will take over the world.

I have desires to dominate where ever I go.

The struggles that I’ve had are always the struggles I put myself through!



Have Courage!

Be Uncomfortable! Get into the habit of being Uncomfortable!

Know that what you have now is NOTHING compared to what you are capable of having!

We all have the capacity to achieve greatness!

Where ever you are, be sold out 100% and live it!

Be coachable and learn to live…

Live to learn everything!

So You Think You Are A Leader?


Who are you to tell me to be more open minded? What do you know about me that gives you the authority to make such a suggestion!? How dare you!?

I used to think that being Open Minded meant that I had to go try sky diving or say “yes” to every opportunity or be bold and take action where action really isn’t due.

Although being flexible will let others see that you are open minded, it takes more than just being open to new ideas. Influence is EVERYTHING!

Gandhi was a small and frail man. He hardly looked like a man who another person would follow. However, he was one of the most influential individuals of all time and he didn’t become that way by being flexible and open to new ideas… Actually, he was firmly set in his beliefs and no one could shake or hinder his state of thought and being.

Some might argue that he was more stubborn and closed minded than open minded.

Those leaders who are truly influential have a few qualities that make individuals, like Gandhi, so effective.

Giving advice is great… Listening is even greater. Offering advice without listening is like a man asking a woman to marry him on the first date!

Emotions are what make us unique. Controlling our emotions is what makes leaders. Accepting criticisms is what makes leaders effective.

If you think you got where you are on your own, you are very mistaken! Everyone has been helped by another to get where they are… Acknowledge them! Saying, “Thank You” is far more effective than saying, “I Am The Greatest!” …Unless your name is Ali, no, not Ali G.

Think you’re a leader? Asses your team… Challenge them according to their strengths… Watch what happens.

Not everyone deserves to hear what you have to say but EVERYONE has a right to be heard.

Start Listening and watch your teamwork soar!

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Leaders Are Not Born Or Made

No one is born a leader. Nor can anyone be made a leader.

Leaders are chosen by the self.

When you choose to become a leader, you will be one.

5 tips for being an effective leader.

Control Your Own Happiness

When you compare yourself to another, you are limiting your own happiness. Leaders never allow anyone to take away a single ounce of joy.

Stop! At this very moment, choose to be happy. Go ahead, SMILE!

Now again, choose to be happy. LAUGH!

Your happiness is a choice you make at this very moment, and it is yours to claim!

Leaders Know To Fight Another Day

I am all for the all in.

Without conviction and dedication, success can not follow.

Success requires 100%.

However, a leader knows never to let themselves get killed in the fight because leaders can recognize that these little conflicts are skirmishes of the war.

Leaders stand ground and are patient.

Pick your battles carefully.

The Imperfection Of Perfection

Leaders never set perfection to be a priority. We are humans and leaders recognize the imperfections of others and respect them rather than judging.

Perfection doesn’t exist… Hard work does!

Know When To Say, “No”

Leaders say, “No”.

Saying, “Yes” ALL the time is not always the best time to say it.

Sometimes a firm, “No” is what both parties need to hear.

No’s also relieve stress!

Grudge = Downfall

Leaders never hold grudges.

Negativity and pessimism are very deep holes. Holding grudges are the best opportunity for negativity to emerge.

Choose to take control of your life…
You have every right to!


THINK: I dare You To THINK!

You had what you claim to be one of the worst days of your life.

You respond by taking action in hopes to alleviate the pain and negative emotion you are feeling.

A shopping spree seems to do the trick.

You feel better.

You have just programmed your brain into habitually rewarding yourself for having these negative emotions.

Now, every time you feel that emotion, your brain will urge you to go shopping. So much so that it becomes a habit.

When it becomes a habit, every time you feel that emotion, your brain CRAVES the shopping experience because of the initial reward.

Not only that but now your peers are congratulating you for making yourself feel better. Everything that has happened reinforces negative emotion.

In anything we do, there is something that triggers action. The majority of these actions are actually a part of our routine.

In fact, our brains hate making the decisions to take these actions so they are stored in our mental hard drive.

Have you heard that we only use 10% of our brain’s true capacity?

It’s actually less.

This is because we are acting out our routines rather than actively thinking.

For example, do you consciously brush your teeth before or after you shower? Did you have to think about it? You didn’t “remember” to do those things in that order, your brain automated that sequence.

So if everything we do is routine, habitual, comfortable… How much of your brain is actually active?

To utilize more of your brain’s potential, you must CHANGE. Change is an amazing thing!

Believe it or not, you fear change because your brain actively FIGHTS change.

It tricks you into believing that you are content with your current situation or lifestyle.

It makes you believe that what you have now is all you can have and that you shouldn’t search for alternatives.

Your brain doesn’t know a bad routine from a good one.

It just automates what you indifferently allow it to!

Humans are so precious because we possess the capability to control our conscience.

Your habits actually never go away, but we can consciously change the action and reward!

All it requires is change…

I dare you to think…

Retirement? You’re Already Thinking About Retirement?!

Aren’t you a little young to think about retirement?

At the age of 30, it’s difficult to comprehend the fact that I would be writing about retirement.

Well, times have changed and there is a growing crisis.

6,000 people turn 65 years old, everyday.

More than 13% of the population in America are 65 years of age or older.

On average, Americans save less than $50,000 by the time they’re 50 years of age.

Actually, the majority of Americans will solely rely on Social Security, friends, family and charity by the time they retire.

[More Retirement Statistics]

There are ways to generate residual income that can compensate for this growing issue. The baby boomer generation will be key in this trend of retirement instability, but that’s a whole new story.

Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” points out 4 types of businesses and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. Just to simplify, I will summarize these four into two concepts regarding income.

1. Linear Income – If you work for an hour, you will get paid for an hour. Your income depends on the amount of time you invest into acquiring this income. If you stop working, your income will stop.

2. Residual Income – There is a story about two men, Pablo and Bruno and to credit the author, I suggest watching this short video. It’s animated. It’s fun. It could change your perspective on riches and wealth, and I don’t mean just monetary riches and wealth.

[Pablo and Bruno – The Parable of the Pipeline]

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing businesses carry many misconceptions with many people. The concepts and ideas are different. One of the challenges that most entrepreneurs who engage in network marketing had to face, was realizing the fact that their way wasn’t the only way.

Now, I’m not claiming that network marketing is the only way to generate residual income, but it is the most easily accessible and readily available to the average person. It generally doesn’t require a large amount of capital to start your own business. Successful companies today, offer quality training and motivation. And to be honest, the leadership teams are, for the most part, very optimistic and enthusiastic.

So what does this have to do with retirement?

[Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company For Retirement Income?]

The future is something that we lose focus on. I mean, most of us probably don’t know what we will be doing outside of our routine and habits. (Habits can be changed! Check out an older post)

So maybe just for a moment now, it may worth your retirement to consider thinking about how much you might need by the time you’re retired so that you don’t have to get a job at Walmart at the age of 70 because social security is just not enough.


Quit and Fail; Fight and Replenish Hope

December 18, 2012 changed my life…

I was in Korea. I was determined to achieve the goals set by motivation and desire.

I was able to share my knowledge and techniques with others. I was able to offer new perspective to others.

It was my joy and my pride.

I met with amazing individuals who were kind to and supportive of one another

and it taught everyone the value of true friendship.

I was in love.

last supper bjj

I had lost it all in one night.

knee operation 352314


resting on pillow

knee operation 12423

No one prepares you for the hardships that life has to offer.

That’s why they are unexpected.

That’s why we lose our sense of control.

Nearly two years later, I am struck again with another setback.

And today, I lost what sense of control I had left…

Hearing the words, “second operation” made my heart sink. It literally fell to my stomach and I was speechless.

It seems that life has offered me yet another difficult choice; one that requires a series of life-altering decisions.

The thought of fighting my way back once again exhausts me.

However, I am reminded of those who were at my side.


I remain thankful. I will fight on. I will do whatever it takes for there is much more at stake.

I am even more determined. I am still motivated and the desires in my heart now burn.

If your livelihood solely relies on your physical well-being, I urge you to take care. Treasure your body. It is truly precious.


Winning is nothing without first understanding that it was all because of God’s grace.

It means even less if you don’t remember those who loved you.

It means everything that you fight for those you love.


Am I The Wicked? Am I The Evil?

The Bible isn’t a book just for those who are expected to read it.

I believe that it is way more powerful and fruitful in the hands of those who just stumble upon it.

I say this because I have read this passage before but without conviction. I was a member of the church. I assumed that people who went to church read the Bible.

I stopped reading the Bible altogether for many many years until I stumbled upon my old Bible which was untouched and brand new! (Not by miracle but because it was given to me when I stopped reading^^)

So I opened it.

Do not enter the path of the wicked,
and do not walk in the way of the evil.
Avoid it; do not go in it;
turn away from it and pass on.
For they cannot sleep unless they have done wrong;
they are robbed of sleep unless they have made someone stumble.
For they eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence.
But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn,
which shines brighter and brighter until full day.
The way of the wicked is like deep darkness;
they do not know over what they stumble.

Proverbs 4:14-19

After reading this passage…

Immediately, I wondered who those wicked and evil people in my life were.
I wondered who I should have avoided during my childhood.

Who made me stumble?

However, after reading it a few more times, I began to wonder if I had ever been the wicked and evil person in someone else’s life!

I couldn’t help but to think that I have done things that were harmful to others.

The Bible isn’t just a book just for those who are expected to read it.

It is a series of books that is way more powerful and fruitful in your hands if you just stumble upon it.
I say this because perhaps you have read this passage before but without conviction.
You may have been a member of the church. You may have assumed that people who went to church read the Bible.

Perhaps you stopped reading the Bible altogether for many many years until you stumbled upon my old Bible, too…

So open yours…

15 Ways to Lead with Heart

Sometimes it can be so difficult to stay in the mindset that is leadership. We are all at times uncertain and fearful of what we are capable of.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back and remember the value of the relationships we have formed with, yes, other human beings, and be grateful that God has given us a heart, not only to be had but to be shared with others!

15 Ways to Lead with Heart.

Financial Hardship: How Hard Work And Long Hours = Financial Hardship

Last night my father didn’t come home.

No, he wasn’t out all night partying.

He spent all night preparing meals for 720 tourists who were scheduled to come to our family restaurant in Hope, BC. The restaurant has agreements with various tour companies in Vancouver and under our agreements, we have to feed their customers on the way to, and on the way back from the Rockies. Some days, there are 2 buses and some days there are 18 buses. They all pass through our restaurant and I will tell you, it is a lot to prepare meals for everyone.

I woke up knowing that he didn’t come home and I was heartbroken.

My parents immigrated to Canada over 30 years ago and have never had a week off of work since then. Call it old fashion, but they still believe that hard work and long hours will provide for their needs… I can confidently say that they are mistaken.

My whole life, I have been moving around from place to place, following them around from failed business venture to another. They participated as key members of the communities and held their heads high knowing that they had operated with honesty and integrity. They were loved by others because they always showed love and compassion… so much so that my sister and I believed that they loved others more than their own children! (I guess we should forgive them and get over it^^)

Being a business owner however, does not equal financial stability or freedom. It means you have an income just like everyone else. It means you have something to do during the day, but only because you have to. It means that you have to give up your true desires due to responsibilities. It means, you are doing something out of necessity without a true purpose or goal.

A few years before starting yet another business, they had jobs. Both were paid decent salaries and commissions but they were working like slaves to the owners of the businesses. I would see the effects of their long hours while the owners were reaping all the benefits.

Regardless of how much you think  you are different from your parents, you are just like them! Actually, your behaviors, principles, thoughts and habits mirror theirs!

I had to stop, take a deep breath and think about where I was headed in life.

It seemed like I was following in their footsteps.

I had jobs… many of them. I had tried different things and had failed. (Actually, I had quit. but that’s for another day) I was destined to be like them… 55 and still working 40 hour shifts with no time to even think about what’s going on in life.

I had to stop. I had to take a deep breath and I had to change the habits passed down from generation to generation.

There will be a time when I will have children of my own. When I began to think that my future consists of more than just myself, I had to consciously change the way I thought. I had to change my habits. I had to change my family’s financial situation.

So I took action. Working long hours is not the most effective or efficient way of creating wealth and value. Understanding the need to constantly learn and improve while maintaining a path in the direction of your burning desire is the way to achieving something in life.

I’ve realized that success is not something you can acquire but it is a state of mind.

I’m reminded of the saying, “Keep your eyes on the prize”.

Well, I used to think, “No sh*t, Sherlock”. Isn’t it obvious??

How naive was that, eh? (Yes, I was born in Canada)

Keeping your eyes on the prize means that you have not yet reached your destination yet. If you had reached your prize, it would sound more like, “Good job, here is your prize!”

Success is a decision.

Don’t be a fool, make informed decisions.

Don’t procrastinate, if you say you’ll do it later, you will succeed later.

Don’t be so cynical, take the positive out of everything you can and apply it.

Work will get you a paycheck, smart work will set you free.

Don’t ever be satisfied but always be thankful…


I dare you to dream.